Inspiring vegan cookery classes/demonstrations for your event or audience

We are passionate about everything to do with vegan food and the vegan lifestyle, and believe that education is vitally important.

Drawing on our many years of experience in developing and teaching about vegan food, we can deliver vegan cookery presentations or classes tailored to your particular audience, whether this be for a school/college class, a birthday party (children or adults), a consumer/trade show, a company event, etc.

Please get in touch with us so we may discuss your particular scenario further.

Otherwise, see below for any upcoming public vegan cookery classes/demonstrations by us.


International Plant-based cuisine
taught by Nishma of Shambhu's
hosted by LearnHarrow (Harrow Council)

Five sessions every Wednesday, 12.30pm to 2.30pm, starting on Wednesday 30th October
(last session Wednesday 27th November)


This plant-based cuisine cookery course, run by Shambhu's chef, Nishma Shah, is arranged by LearnHarrow.


Nishma demonstrating vegan dishes at the Natural & Organic Products Show

 Nishma Shah, Chef of Shambhu's, who'll be teaching the most of the classes.

“Shambhu's class was conducted very calmly which made it easier to follow. It was great to find out vegan alternatives to favourite Indian recipes.”
Laurie (Indian cuisine class participant)

Nishma demonstrating vegan dishes at V-Delicious (Olympia, London)

Nishma demonstrating vegan dishes at the Eden Project