Our ethical stance

  • All our products are vegan*, which already goes a significant way to having a relatively low overall eco- and carbon-footprint.  Shambhu’s is registered with the Vegan Society.

  • We use organic and fairtrade ingredients as far as possible.
    Click here for a list of organic and fairtrade ingredients that we currently use.

  • We package our food in containers/bowls made of sustainably-sourced plant fibre and therefore compostable, and we offer to take back plastic container-lids for recycling.  For buffets, food might arrive in large foil containers which are recyclable.

  • On request, we provide strong cutlery made of vegetable starch which we offer to take back for reuse when possible; otherwise it is compostable.

  • On request, we provide sturdy plates made of sustainably-sourced plant fibre and therefore compostable.

  • On occasions when we are serving hot drinks, we provide compostable disposable cups if non-disposable cups/mugs are not supplied on site.

  • We generally carry out our deliveries in a low-emissions petrol-electric hybrid vehicle.

  • We carry out our festival catering operations such that we minimise food wastage.  Often, we end up wasting no food.

(* Note for allergy sufferers: Although all our items are vegan and some do not have nuts or gluten-containing ingredients, some of the ingredients used for certain items may have been produced in environments handling dairy, nuts, etc. If you have a particular food allergy, please contact us for more information.)

Shambhu's is winner of a Viva! 20th Anniversary Award as Best Vegan Caterer :-)
Shambhu's is winner of a Green Apple Award 2014 for Environmental Best Practice :-)
Shambhu's has received a Healthier Catering Commitment Award :-)
“Thank you so much for the wonderful meal you provided us yesterday!!! It was delicious and everybody loved it! Thank you Thank you Thank you!”
Luisa Petrolani, based in London SE17
organic ingredients currently used

Brown basmati rice, white basmati rice, sunflower cooking oil, coconut oil, tofu (for curries), chick peas, red kidney beans, tomato (for curries), penne pasta, vegan milk, vegan cream, vegan yogurt, plain flour (for chocolate fudge slice), biscuit (for chocolate fudge slice), baking chocolate (also fairly traded) and cocoa (also fairly traded).

In addition, we use sea salt and fairtrade unrefined cane sugar.