Reviews about Shambhu's Vegan Cheesecakes and Shambhu's Catering

"...I hope I don’t make you jealous if I tell you I’ve tasted one of the finest of UK cheesecakes – and it’s vegan."
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"The cheesecake is lovely, it is a good size and is quite filling. ... The flavour is intense lemon with coconut. A very pleasant dessert."
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"inspired from different cultures, their dishes are breath of fresh air for vegans, and an eye-opening meal experience for non-vegans who never thought that cruelty free food could be so delicious"
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"[Shambhu's vegan cheesecakes] taste so good it's like a trip to heaven"
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"[Shambhu's vegan cheesecakes] all have the crunchy biscuit base and smooth top that you would expect from a good cheesecake"
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"Delicious cheesecakes"
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Shambhu's Vegan & Gluten-free Cheesecakes

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Shambhu's is winner of a Viva! 20th Anniversary Award as Best Vegan Caterer :-)
Shambhu's is winner of a Green Apple Award 2014 for Environmental Best Practice :-)
VegFest UK 2014 Awards - Nominees, including Shambhu's :-)
“Thank you so much for the cheesecake. We both tried it last night and it was absolutely amazing.”
Cynthia & Ian, London
“I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for the wonderful food you produced for us last night!
The only two vegans among the nine of us were myself and my husband, but everyone kept coming into the front room to tell me that something else they had tried was so tasty. And they kept going back for more! I can see why your cheesecakes win awards .. the carnivores among us just would not believe how you made that without cheese. Amazing!
Both my daughters also commented on what a lovely man you were - I am definitely going to spread the word whenever I can, as it was such a pleasure from start to finish.
Thank you so much :-).”