Reviews about Shambhu's Vegan Cheesecakes and Shambhu's Catering

"...I hope I don’t make you jealous if I tell you I’ve tasted one of the finest of UK cheesecakes – and it’s vegan."
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"The cheesecake is lovely, it is a good size and is quite filling. ... The flavour is intense lemon with coconut. A very pleasant dessert."
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"inspired from different cultures, their dishes are breath of fresh air for vegans, and an eye-opening meal experience for non-vegans who never thought that cruelty free food could be so delicious"
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"[Shambhu's vegan cheesecakes] taste so good it's like a trip to heaven"
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"[Shambhu's vegan cheesecakes] all have the crunchy biscuit base and smooth top that you would expect from a good cheesecake"
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"Delicious cheesecakes"
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Shambhu's Vegan & Gluten-free Cheesecakes

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Shambhu's is winner of a Viva! 20th Anniversary Award as Best Vegan Caterer :-)
VegFest UK 2014 Awards - Nominees, including Shambhu's :-)
“The cheesecake is actually out of this world! it is amazing - I only wish I had tried it sooner... seriously one of the best vegan desserts I have had ever! (and the burritos are fab too!)”
Jayni Gudka, Peace Activist, Stanmore (north-west London)
“I've been eating your food for three weeks continuous and I must say it has been very satisfying. The fragrant rice I had today was a pleasant surprise too. On other days I bring my food from home but the weekly Shambhu's delivery is becoming a treat now.”
Vimal Shah, Library & Information Systems Manager, University of London