Comments from previous class participants

“This was a really lovely afternoon - I've learnt a lot and the food was amazing.”
Susie (Gujarati-style Indian Vegan Cuisine)

“My first cooking class ever. It has given me inspiration and confidence to cook for myself, family and friends.”
Bhavesh (Gujarati-style Indian Vegan Cuisine)

“I always enjoy cooking, but I don’t cook enough. Shambhu’s cookery course was a wonderful way to learn how to make 3 tasty dishes that were not only vegan, but very healthy, particularly in the way Nishma made them. The course was taught in a very informal, friendly setting, and watching Nishma make the dishes so effortlessly was a pleasure. A few days later, motivated by the session, I made the Vegetable Manchurian (one of the dishes we learnt), and thanks to the great guidance and instructions provided, it turned out to be delicious (if I do say so myself).”
Drijen (Indo-Oriental fusion class)

“Fabulous - really enjoyable and impressive dishes you can easily make at home. I'd recommend the class to everyone.”
Wendy (Indo-Oriental fusion class)

“Really good informal class & demonstration. Nishma & Mahersh make a great team, with lots of enthusiasm & banter throughout the afternoon. I'll definitely be back again.”
Kam (Indo-Oriental fusion class)

“I love the variety and the imagination used to create delicious, unique dishes.”
Jacqueline (Indo-Oriental fusion class)

“Nishma is a fantastic and completely unflustered cook who makes sure that her audience is involved in every step.”
Angela (Indo-Oriental fusion class)

“A great & easy step-by-step class; suitable even for non-cooks like me.”
Susanna (Indo-Oriental fusion class)

“Informative, affordable, fun way of learning some delicious vegan dishes.”
Louise (Indo-Oriental fusion class)

“A wonderful class which teaches many new dishes in a short space of time. Also introduced me to lots of new exciting ingredients!”
Laurie (Vegan barbecue food class)

“Best vegan barbecue! Would make the meateaters jealous and they would steal your lunch! :-)”
Kelly (Vegan barbecue food class)

“Some great recipes for a vegan barbecue. I'm now set for the summer and will be dusting off the barbecue soon!”
Mary (Vegan barbecue food class)

“Some great cooking tips and ideas from an excellent chef - thoroughly recommended!”
Nigel (Vegan barbecue food class)

“Beautiful healthy food demonstrated well with lots of useful tips to make notes of.”
Pam (Vegan barbecue food class)

“Wonderful food, beautiful flavours”
Deb (Vegan barbecue food class)

“A very enjoyable experience. I'm feeling so inspired to try making some Persian food at home for friends & family!”
Victoria (Persian cuisine class)

“Like magicians, Nishma & Tanaz conjured up amazing aromas, flavours and tastes of Persia! Wonderfully presented & demonstrated with all recipes supplied to recreate at home.”
Andrew (Persian cuisine class)

“Inspiring and educational! Can't wait to try these recipes at home!”
Pamela (Persian cuisine class)

“Very enjoyable, good people and appreciated the informality - allowed information to be shared by viewers and presenters.”
Katherine (Persian cuisine class)

“Thank you so much for this amazing class; I learned so much today!”
Anne (Persian cuisine class)

“There's no substitute for a direct demo - no recipe book can impart all the wisdom and expert knowledge needed to make such magical food. Nishma & Tanaz made me feel like a guest - so friendly & relaxed.”
Zanna (Persian cuisine class)

“Found Nishma's knowledge of spices amazing. I have learnt so much. I can't wait to try these recipes!”
Ambika (Indian cuisine class)

“A wonderful relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I also enjoyed all the handy tips. Thank you.”
Devika (Indian cuisine class)

“I think I now know how to make Indian food that tastes like it comes from a restaurant!”
David (Indian cuisine class)

“Shambhu's class was conducted very calmly which made it easier to follow. It was great to find out vegan alternatives to favourite Indian recipes.”
Laurie (Indian cuisine class)

“The class was BRILLIANT.”
Rishabh (Children's class)

“A great way to introduce children to cooking positively. Shayna really enjoyed coming along. Learnt new skills and made new friends. She looked forward to coming every day.”
Parent of participant (Children's class)

“I really would like to do it again next year and I hope I learn just as much.”
Shayna (Children's class)

“My experience was amazing.”
Anbika (Children's class)

“It was extremely fun.”
Khiloni (Children's class)

“It was very fun. Some food like the butternut squash, I thought I would not like it but I did!”
Mihir (Children's class)

“It's very cool and exciting, and I enjoyed it very much.”
Puja (Children's class)

“It was really fun.”
Priyana (Children's class)

“Everything was really fun and yummy!”
Diya (Children's class)

“I enjoyed learning and making new food, and I also made new friends.”
Serena (Children's class)

“It was really fun because I learned new skills and made lots of friends.”
"I enjoyed cooking the date pastry filling."
Ranee (Children's class)

“I do not like aubergine, but when we made it in the baba ganoush, it was tasty!”
“The course was really nice, getting to make new friendships and making food, because I LOVE cooking!”
“I enjoyed chopping up the vegetables and fruit!”
Iman (Children's class)

“All the dishes were so tasty - being vegan is awesome!”
Anya (Children's class)

“I loved eating the food I made!”
Saachee (Children's class)

“It was really fun, and I know I will recook the dishes - thank you!”
Isha (Children's class)

“It was interesting that eggs could be replaced so easily for a better option.”
Anaya (Children's class)