What our clients say about us

Shambhu’s provide a friendly service with an excellent range of tasty food for small meetings and large events.”
Nigel Winter, Former Chief Executive Officer, The Vegan Society
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Shambhu’s has catered for Animal Aid on a number of occasions – most notably at our Christmas Fayre in Kensington Town Hall, but also on a smaller scale for a function at HQ.  Mahersh and Nishma are a joy to work with and they are true friends of Animal Aid.  Their vegan dishes are scrumptious and a delight – especially their wonderful “cheesecakes”!  Their service is exemplary and the range of dishes offered superb.  We cannot recommend them highly enough.
Mary Shephard, Former General Manager, Animal Aid
* Click here to view an Animal Aid review of Shambhu's vegan cheesecakes *

“I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely food you supplied to the AIA AGM on Saturday. It was delicious and everyone appreciated it.”
“I look forward to Shambhu's and AIA working together again in future.”
Barbara Gardner, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Animal Interfaith Alliance

Our American guest had lots of praise for the burritos, which is a pretty good endorsement!
Carla Owen, PA To The Chief Executive, Cruelty Free International
formerly known as “The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV)”

We at PETA always look forward to ‘Shambhu Day’, the day in the week we get special delicious treats delivered to our doorstep. I try to order a new tasty Shambhu dish each week of the month, though I fail to sometimes because I’m addicted to the burrito.
Poorva Joshipura, Director, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) UK

“Thank you so much for catering our staff lunch last Wednesday. It went down a storm with not a bite left.”
"Will definitely be using your services again as well as recommending to others."
Kate Barnett, The Green Party

“The penne is absolutely gorgeous!”
“It’s great to be able to eat really tasty and wholesome home-cooked vegan food at my desk and the Shambhu's delivery is one of the highlights of my working week. Recommended for everyone!”
Alistair Currie, Policy Advisor, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) UK

“Thank you so much for coming yesterday, everyone loved your pizza and lasagna! :)”
“I will definitely recommend you to my friends, and contact you if we need catering for our next party!”
Jessica Bhambra, bride at wedding reception, Ilford (London)

“Thank you so much for the lovely cheesecakes you delivered for our coeliac meeting in Harrow on Saturday. They were really delicious and I heard many favourable comments about the taste and texture, and we passed on your contact details to lots of our members who were interested.”
Janet Davies, Harrow Coeliac Group (north-west London)

“Your food is very tasty and very enjoyable. I particularly like the mixed berries cheesecake which is really great and perhaps one of the best tofu cheesecakes you'll find in London.”
Brian Jacobs, Hypnotic Solutions

“Thanks again for providing such good food for my grandmother's funeral. Friends and family had many good words about the catering. We had a very mixed group of older neighbours, friends as well as grandchildren and their partners. There was something for everyone and the food certainly encouraged people to stay after the service to talk and share memories of Phyllis.”
Dr Alina Congreve (Hertfordshire)

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks very much for the lovely food on Wednesday. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and gave lots of positive feedback. We loved it too. It was a pleasure to work with you, so thank you very much!”
Ettie Brisk, Business Manager, Another Way Associates

The lunch went really well - thank you so much. Everyone said how great it was!
Angela West, St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

“The range of dishes are impressive and the chocolate fudge cake is divine.”
“The lasagne was lovely - I can't remember the last time I had a lasagne that nice.”
Ian Pocock, Senior Researcher, The Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS)

“We had a remembrance event at home last weekend in memory of my grandfather who passed away 10 years ago. Heena had prepared a delicious totally-vegan meal and the desserts you delivered to us made the meal even more special. It was a fun evening with the family and EVERYBODY loved the vegan desserts we ordered from you, especially the cheesecake.”
Suraj Shah, north-west London

“Since I've found out about Shambhu’s, I haven’t missed a single one of their deliveries. The selection of food is diverse as well as tasty. I love not having to worry about where the food comes from or how it got on my plate - it’s vegan, organic, and fair-trade! I’ve tried something different on the menu each time and am always satisfied (the chocolate fudge cake, however, I’ve ordered a couple times now). I’m always looking forward to the day when Shambhu’s gets delivered to my office.”
Eva Kwolek, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) UK

“I have tucked into lots of rich and creamy paneer (and, when I was non-vegetarian, chicken) dishes in my lifetime, and I enjoyed your vegan version.”
“Just want to thank you for the wonderful food, and especially for the chocolate fudge cake which was just like a rich, decadent brownie – I really missed my mother when I was eating it, because she’s a chocoholic and would have loved it too!”
Ratika Dayani, Postgraduate, London School of Economics (LSE)

Everyone loved your food (it was voted the best out of the three days!) - the cheesecake was particularly popular but all of it was really good.
Carla Owen, PA To The Chief Executive, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV)

The vegetable biryani was delicious - that’s a keeper!
Client based near Swiss Cottage, London (UK)

“I just wanted to write and say that I loved the buritto, coleslaw and choc fudge cake! They were so delicious that I will most definitely be ordering from you again! The man that delivered my order was very nice and polite too :)”
“I am very much looking forward to my curry next week and of course the choc fudge cake! Do you make the cake? It is absolutely delicious!”
Gemma Hunt, The Edit Store, Bloomsbury (central London)

“Thank you so much for the wonderful meal you provided us yesterday!!! It was delicious and everybody loved it! Thank you Thank you Thank you!”
Luisa Petrolani, based in London SE17

“Unsurprisingly, the lemon & coconut cheesecake was really tasty.”
Amir Ebadi, Logica, Euston (central London)

“I particularly liked the light lemon and coconut mix.” [re lemon & coconut cheesecake]
Tanaz Assefi, based in Woolwich (east London)

“Thank you so much for the cheesecake. We both tried it last night and it was absolutely amazing.”
Cynthia & Ian, London

“The lemon and coconut cheesecake was absolutely superb!”
Duncan Armour, City (central London)

“Their supply of vegan flapjacks was truly invaluable in helping to keep us going during this challenge.”
“Their vegan cheesecake is also to die for, so we are now trying to work out which mountain we need to climb to be sponsored with cheesecake!”
Andrew Knight

“The tofu tikka masala was superb - just what I was hoping for; a veggie version of the Indian classic that we can never eat.”
“The new [lemon & coconut] cheesecake is a triumph - I could eat that all day. I eat cheesecake with milk (cheese) in it, but yours beats any ‘real’ cheesecake I've ever eaten (and I've eaten plenty).”
Deepak Shah, Head Teacher, Mathscool

“I just want to say thank you for the lovely Samosas on Saturday. They tasted really wonderful and everyone was pleased with them. You delivered on time and it was a pleasure doing business with you.”
Larna Bernard, Battersea (central London)

“I've been eating your food for three weeks continuous and I must say it has been very satisfying. The fragrant rice I had today was a pleasant surprise too. On other days I bring my food from home but the weekly Shambhu's delivery is becoming a treat now.”
Vimal Shah, Waterloo (central London)

“Thanks again for the lemon cheesecake - it was really nice.”
Brian Jacobs, Hypnotic Solutions

“Many thanks for the food delivery, we are enjoying our second week of not having to think about what to cook! And the food is very tasty!”
Michael, Sue & Joe, Hanwell, London

“Many thanks for food delivery yesterday. It was excellent and we all enjoyed it.”
Cees Kramer, Senior Associate, Dialogos

“Thank you for the wonderful food on Saturday - it received lots of praise!”
Charlotte Wadsworth, 40th birthday party at a pub in Clerkenwell (central London)

“Just wanted to say many thanks for delivering us such good food on Saturday. It all went a treat and I'm very grateful.”
Sarah Rozenthuler, Occupational Psychologist, A New You

“The cheesecake is actually out of this world! it is amazing - I only wish I had tried it sooner... seriously one of the best vegan desserts I have had ever! (and the burritos are fab too!).”
Jayni Gudka, Peace Activist, Stanmore (north-west London)

“The Burritos have all gone!! They are the nicest things ever.”
“The cheesecake was delicious.”
Mark Fearn, Southbank (central London)

“Thank you so much for the food. It was all delicious - especially the chocolate brownies! As a vegan it is so refreshing to know you are out there and I very much enjoyed the food. Also, thank you for being so accommodating to our needs.
I would be delighted to use your services again in future if we arrange any more events.”
Caroline Watson, Progressive Women

“Thanks for yesterday's delicious food. I will certainly keep you in mind for future staff training and other events.”
Deek Good, Supported Housing Team Leader, Westminster Mind

“Just thought I would let you know that your food went down really well with the people we had over and especially my boss who was celebrating her birthday.
I think the only downside was that we hadn’t ordered enough as that was how popular the food was.
I am sure I will definitely be using you again.”
Tunde Ogungbayi, Pulse Group (central London)

“The sandwiches were devoured and everyone loved them! Thank you so much for providing such wonderful food.”
Catherine Long, Artist (central London)

“Great to see you in Wolverhampton. Thanks again for the food – pizzas were FANTASTIC! – couldn’t believe they weren’t dairy ones. And the coleslaw was totally lush! You guys are geniuses!!!!!”
Jenny & Ian Liddle, Excellart

“I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your new chocolate and orange cheesecake. It's a wonderful creation just in time for Christmas!”
Rakesh Makhecha, Kensington (central London)

“OMG... i just had the chocolate and orange cheesecake for breakfast
Anabel Zaldivar, Raw Veda

“Awesome doesn't capture how good that cheesecake was!!!! Probably the best one I have ever eaten; I can't believe it's vegan! How did you do that? It's also by a long shot the best vegan cake in general I've ever had; most of them taste as if there's something missing, but yours disappeared faster than you could say Jack Robinson and we were looking at each other and wished we'd bought two :-).”
Manuela Hübner, MARBLous ART (Cambridge)

“Thank you for all you have done to help us organise the catering for our event.”
“...it was such a great pleasure having you on board for the catering and we are very grateful to both you and all your staff for all you have done.”
Kate Herring, Co-organiser of Medsin Conference 2012 (Kings College, central London)

“Just wanted to let you know what a great success the menu was on Saturday night - thanks for your very efficient and friendly service!”
Yvonne Dixon, Sufi Healing Order (central London)

“The food was fantastic... everyone thoroughly enjoyed, and the cheesecakes were amazing! I will definitely use your service again. Thank you!”
Todd Acamesis, Journey of Truth (London)

“Keep forgetting to mention but your choc fudge brownies are delicious – the best I’ve tried.”
Catherine Matthews, Pulse Group (London)

“Thank you for the wonderful food you prepared and brought to the park. Everyone really enjoyed it - said the food was delicious. Thank you so much. And the cheescakes - I will have to get some more one of these days.”
Ireene-Sointu, The Movement for Compassionate Living

“I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for the wonderful food you produced for us last night!
The only two vegans among the nine of us were myself and my husband, but everyone kept coming into the front room to tell me that something else they had tried was so tasty. And they kept going back for more! I can see why your cheesecakes win awards .. the carnivores among us just would not believe how you made that without cheese. Amazing!
Both my daughters also commented on what a lovely man you were - I am definitely going to spread the word whenever I can, as it was such a pleasure from start to finish.”
Anna & John, Ealing (west London)

“[Shambhu's cheesecakes] are really the best vegan cheesecakes we've found. Especially that the base stays crunchy.”
Nick Piper, Reading

“Thank you very much for the food that you supplied for Saturday. Everyone enjoyed it, especially the chocolate fudge slices.”
Nicki Brooks, Labour Animal Welfare Society

“I just wanted to say thank you for your incredible help in fitting in with my timings at late notice. The food was extremely good, and I will definitely call on you again in the future if I hold a similar event in London. Everyone said the food was very good.”
Abigail Burt, KINstinct Arts

“Thank you both for the smooth quality of service and delicious food you provided for us last Saturday. Many of my guests commented on the freshness of the delicious dishes you provided. I am delighted that I chose you to cater for my first ever totally vegan event. I hope I will find opportunities to use your services again.”
Richard Pyatt (Westminster, London) (for a 60th birthday function)

“Thank you from all of us. You prepared a truly fantastic and memorable meal. Really wonderful food.”
Alexander James (Clapham, London) (for a 60th birthday function)
Shambhu's is winner of a Viva! 20th Anniversary Award as Best Vegan Caterer :-)
Shambhu's is winner of a Green Apple Award 2014 for Environmental Best Practice :-)
Shambhu's has received a Healthier Catering Commitment Award :-)

At Shambhu’s, we take pride in creating delicious food, drawing inspiration from traditional cuisines around the world – Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.